Innovation 2014

Also this year, the IIBA® Italy Chapter Innovation Challenge was a great success!

Three teams joined the challenge versus EXPO 2015 and its main topic "Feeding the planet, energy for life", showing great, innovative and interesting ideas!

The jury made of experts of Innovation and Business Analysis had a hard job to do, in choosing the winner.

In the end, the winner was I don't Waste, despite also the other teams (Appetitoso and Click'N'Pizza) did a very good job and presented very good ideas!

The IIBA® Italy Chapter would like to thank the 3 participating Teams:

  • I don't Waste: H. Ferraglio, A. Folli, S. Mazzoli, E. Zane
  • Appetitoso: G. Barlacchi, A. Mariani, M. Lari, S. Piani, C. Vannucci, T. Resti, E. Rossinelli
  • Click'N'Pizza: C. Brianza, A. Gaggi, O. Mangiante, M. Tasca
For more information on the Innovation challenge, write to:

More details on the 2014 challenge can be found in our Prezi presentation, click on the image below: